The Harp
In ancient Egypt the harp underwent a considerable change over a long period of time and prehistoric finds as well as pictorial evidence prove that the harp dates as far back as 3000 B.C.
The majority of the diversely shaped harps which were used in ancient Egypt are now rediscovered among African countries of today.
It is impossible to establish whether they have adopted the harp from the egyptian culture as the bow-shaped harps have been widely used throughout the world.

The harp was introduced in Europe during the last millennium before the beginning of the Christian era. In Greece the original shape and the frame of the harp underwent a change as will be seen from the numerous examples of Greek art where the harp was depicted with two other characteristic instruments, the kythera and the lyre.

This special type of harp spread from Greece th the rest of the Europe where it was used from the beginning of the middle ages.

In Europe the birthplace of the harp was Ireland where it is still the national symbol of the country. However, where it originally came from and when it was brought to Ireland is a mystery, but it is a fact that as far back as antiquity trade relations existed between Ireland and the Mediterranean countries.

Kim`s Harp is known as the celtic harp and its present shape has changed little since the celtic culture brought the first instruments to the northwestern mainland nearly a thousand years ago. The realm of the Celts included Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Brittany and parts of Spain.

In Europe only troubadours and storysingers used the harp whereas the the celts also used it at religious ceremonies. The venerable Druid magician,Merlin, who served King Arthur, was a proficient harpist. On the island of Avalon, the Celtic paradise which is said to have existed, both men and women were trained in harp-playing.

The Celtic harp is still a common feature of the celtic countries and harpist like Alan Stivell and Robin Williamson uphold the tradition and work unceasingly on making improvements.
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Troubadur harpeCorrigan harpe med nylonstrenge
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